Flashback Tuesday

Halloween Party, 2005!

Mr. & Mrs. Incredible. Cody totally reminds me of Mr. Incredible, so naturally full body spandex suits were in order for Halloween. He was such a good sport, he even bleached out his hair! These costumes were so much fun. They're hanging in the back of our closet...ready to wear if danger calls!

Baby Jack-Jack. Cache wasn't too happy when we were taking pictures, he was fed up with hero work and was ready for bed. He looks cute though, doesn't he?

Jon and Britt - Fisherman and Football player!

Trent and Angie...yes, that's Trent in the dress.

Adam and Ann - our 80's Prom couple. They took home the trophy for 'Best Costume' that year!

Jim and Heather - Arrrrgg! More proof that all men need to wear eyeliner. Yum.
Do you know what you're going to be this Halloween? I can't wait to see what costumes will show up at our party this year!


Kateastrophe said...

I so love all those costumes!

We're at the Dunes for Halloween this year. . . but we're carving pumpkins there and I'm DETERMINED to find a costume!

Andrea said...

Dude- I hope Adam still has those white shoes. I love them! He should sport those now, costume or not.
It's good to see your friends be such good sports. Halloween can be so fun and they are all creative.

Sara said...

AHHH I want to go! Halloween parties are the best, and christmas parties, birthday parties, homecoming parties, graduation parties...(I could go on) THose were the best costumes. Can't wait to see what you wear this year!

The Bakers said...

Dude, all I gotta say is that those costumes were my favorite costumes of all time. Frank and I got in on the Incredibles action(thanks to YOU!) and boy, we were HOT!

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

First- you are so hot. Secondly....I wish I were going to be home for Halloween, ONLY for your party. Not only that, your party is the only time I've dressed up for Halloween since I was 12- THAT'S how fun your party is. Love you!

Heather-Rita said...

It's fun to see all our costumes from that year! Time flies...I will be excited to see everyone this year!

The Bastian's said...

Wow, you look smokin' in that suit! Thats why Cody wanted to participate... ;)


I don't know if we are going to dress up or not..haven't decided yet..guess we better get on it, huh? By the way, your costumes look fabulous!