It's 2008!  Last night Cody and I were planning on spending the evening at home, just hanging out with the kids.  Then after dinner we decided to head up to Jim and Heather's to ring in the new year!  I'm so glad we did, it was such a blast.  We chatted and snacked and laughed, then Chris brought over "Rock Band" (don't worry, I already know that we now HAVE to have it) and we jammed for hours!  It was so much fun! 

Just before Midnight we turned the channel to watch the ball drop and we kissed when the clock struck 12:00.  Woo-Hoo!
As is customary, Cody and I talked about some resolutions for the new year.  Nothing super crazy, mind you - but just some realistic plans that we hope to accomplish.  What are they?  See, I'm not sure I'll tell you...only because if I don't follow through I'll have to answer to myself and you.  I can tell you that we're hoping to finish our house projects, go on some vacations together, things like that.  I certainly want to make better use of my time - organize it better. What resolutions have you made for yourself?

It's also a little crazy to think about how different things are than they were a year ago.  We have a new baby, a new job, a new car, new friends, this BLOG!  I ran a 5k and Cody bought a car he wants to restore.  We have had a very good year, I certainly feel very blessed with the many things I was able to experience with Cody and my family.  I loved being with my whole family on Christmas...not sure when that will happen again.  I love that I have strengthened relationships with Cody's family and my own siblings.  I wonder what this next year will bring...a new home in PG, perhaps?  Maybe another addition to the family?  It's crazy to sit and think about it, so many possibilities.  I'm very excited for 2008!  So raise a glass, here's to a great new year. 

*PS- I finally updated my fitness blog (I know, right?), go have a looky!  

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Kateastrophe said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!! I'm glad you had fun at Jim and Heathers! Lunch with you on New Year's Eve was oh so great.