What I'm Loving Wednesday

Ah, the first WILW installment of 2008! I wish I had something overly profound for the first one of the year, but alas - I could think of nothing but the usual trivial dribble I normally post about. There were a few favorites I thought of, enjoy!
What am I loving? Previews.

I tell ya, I love getting to the movie theater early so I can watch previews! I get so excited, I could easily watch 15 or so. Mmmm, upcoming flicks.

What am I loving? Our remote control that turns our Christmas tree lights on and off.
Hello! Where has that been my whole life? Cody and I were thinking about purchasing one of those foot pedal things, but he saw the remote and we opted for that instead. Genius! I mean, could I be more lazy? Probably not, this is why I love the remote. Brilliant.

What am I loving? Our memory foam mattress pad.
So much praise should be given to my dear sister-in-law Stephanie for giving Cody and I this little slice of Heaven. We got it for Christmas and we LOVE it! Have you tried one of these? Do you have one? Man, getting out of bed has become almost impossible - it's just so comfortable! Quite delish. Guess I'll have to use the remote to turn off the tree, climb into my uber-comfy memory foam bed and find some movie previews. Thank you, goodnight!


Sara said...

LOVE THE MEMORY FOAM PAD! We have one and it is divine! And for the record previews are only fun with you, otherwise, get on with the show already!

Kateastrophe said...

One of my FAVORITE memories of you is when we saw Pearl Harbor and right as the actual movie started you squealed "OOOOH I love previews!!"

I miss you already.