Here's what I know...

1 - Tender things make me cry.  I'm not talking about lame tender things like kittens or dandelion fluff (no offense), but tender heart things.  I have become teary watching a commercial, a marriage proposal in a movie, listening to a song or even singing one.  I must have inherited that from my Mother, I cry at everything.  Well, everything except kittens and dandelion fluff.

2 - I'm a total pansy.  I am so not ashamed to admit that I am scared of the dark and other things that go bump in the night.  I stay away from scary movies because they stay with me for months and I still sleep with the hall light on when Cody is at work.  I know what you must be thinking, "She's such a wuss!"  Yeah well...you're right.

3 - I love singing with Cache in the car.  It still surprises me when I hear Cache singing along to something I've been listening to in the car for a few days.  Whether it's my fave band of the moment or a musical of sorts (oh yeah, Cody looooves that), it's hilarious when he busts out during the chorus.

4 - Something I'm totally proud of?  When I'm cooking tortillas, I can flip them in the air with the pan.  Oh yeah, that's flair for ya.

5 - Never underestimate the power of a white t-shirt and jeans.  This ensemble is fool proof and acceptable for almost every single outing.  Why?  Because it can be dressy or casual.  I have fallen back on this rule for years and it has never let me down.

6 - I love impractical shoes.  You all know of my passion for stilettos, but I'm talking about the style of stilt I love.  Embellished, saucy and different.  I don't go for anything super crazy, but I do own shoes that sport tweed, rhinestones and feathers.  The colors of shoes I own?  Lets see, red, emerald green, metallic pink, sky blue, purple and white patent leather.  I realize that they are not practical and I certainly don't wear them around the house, but I can't help myself - I am a sucker for heels.  Besides, since I basically live by #5, a fancy set of stilts is the perfect thing to sass up an outfit.

7 - I do my best housecleaning late at night.  After the kids are in bed and I've had some down time - watch out.  That's usually when the frenzy kicks in.  In and hour I can do more cleaning than I can in an afternoon.  I usually do this when Cody is at work, so of course I stay up late (I never sleep well when he's gone, anyway) but it feels great to wake up to a shiny house!  Or at least a shiny room.

8 - You know that TV guy, Billy Mays?  He's the dude in the blue button up, beard and yells at you to buy some cleanser or whatever?  That man needs to be stopped.  I don't care how it's done, but he must be stopped.

9 - My sister is the strongest person I know.  She and her family were in town for the Holidays, and I watched her as she took care of her kids and husband, cooked meals for everyone and planned stuff for all of us to do together.  I realized then and there - I am the sloth sister.  Andrea can (and does) everything.  She is brilliant beyond belief and even though I feel inadequate around her, there is no one on the Earth I would rather have as a sister or as my idol.

10 - Expensive jeans really are worth it. 


The Bakers said...

You are brilliant AND clever.

The Bastian's said...

I have to agree! Brilliant and Clever! Good post!

Tayva said...

You are my idol. You can really flip tortillas in a pan? How awesome are you! It's enough to make me cry---really!---for the sheer joy of it. I love you.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

I'm with everyone so far posted. Brilliant, clever, awesome, good poster.

Love you!

Andrea said...

HAhahaha! Oh man, Mom is funny. You are BOTH making ME cry!
And amen to #10.
#9 is flawed- I am flattered but I do believe it was you who actually corrected me just now on how "flan" is pronounced. And I might be strong, but not strong willed enough to wear stiletto's that kill to turn a head. Tube tops are much more comfortable (and cheaper, if you know what I mean).

Kateastrophe said...

I think it's hilarious that Rhonda said "good poster." I'm dumb enough that I was like "whaaa?"

Jewels, I love you. You're so awesome.

Andrea said...

Si Si.

sue-donym said...

These are wise words to live by.

And Billy Mays gives me a major headache.