Moving On

I am still in shock that we sold our house.  It's been quite the long road!  Thanks for all the congratulations!  We are very, very excited and beyond thrilled that we can finally start the next chapter.  I will admit, I am quite sad to leave this neighborhood.  We love it here, our ward and neighbors are awesome.  Of course there will be an awesome new ward and awesome new neighbors (hopefully), but it's still sad - we will miss it here!   We got to meet the 'Mrs.' of the couple who is buying our house and she is super nice, really cool.  We were kind of like, "Is it ok that we're talking?  Without our agents present?" 

I make it sound like we are moving thousands of miles away when in reality we have no idea where we're going.  It's looking like PG is still the top contender.  We entertained the idea of staying somewhere in Provo and while that could still be a possibility, I'm thinking PG is where we'll end up.  It also looks like we will end up building a home or purchasing a home that is newly constructed.  It feels sort of scary not knowing what is going to happen, but I always felt that as soon as our home sold everything else would just fall into place.  I don't know how it's all supposed to work out, but I know it will!  

Brett and Amelia are having a ginormous yard sale this Saturday and you should totally come!!  They were gracious enough to allow Cody and I to sell some of our things there, too.  We started to lightly go through some things in the house this afternoon to put in the sale and it was SO hard to stop.  I wanted to clear out the basement and start loading things in boxes.  Lets go!  Lets go!  Move move move!  It's no secret that I am horrified to go through the boxes of who-knows-what to decipher what is kept and what is tossed - moving will be a daunting task, no question.  I know that Cody and I will have to have a yard sale of our own before we move, so come down to the Merritt Yard Sale Extravaganza this Saturday and stay tuned for the Jolley version that will be a few weeks down the line...


Shawn said...

Wowsa! Moving! I really hate to move, but do it on average about once every two years---so now I actually get antsy if I am still in the same place! Crazy, huh?

Good luck with everything---how fun to find a new house!

kateastrophe said...

While I HATE moving, I love new houses and all the possibility they hold! I can't wait to see what you guys build/buy.


Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats and good luck. I'm sure it will be difficult packing everything up. There are some nice Ivory Homes going up near us if you're looking for a new build. There are some new homes in a neighborhood near us called Apple Grove. We hope you find something you love!