Thursday.  Thursday Cody and I had a fabulous day!  Our friend Brady stopped by and we chatted for a few hours, then Brady ended up taking us to lunch (Brady picked up the tab, the gent).  It was so good to see him and catch up.  After lunch we went to buy some flowers for our planters out front and around the yard.  We got some beautiful blooms and spent the rest of the afternoon putting them in the ground.  When evening hit Cody and I started talking about what we wanted to do about our house...do we keep it on the market?  Do we take it off and stay for another year or two?  There are some things we would love to do to this house, it would be so fun to stay, we love it here...so that was that!  We thought, "Ok, we can refinance and stay for another year or so."  We called Adam and told him the news, he was super supportive and agreed to start up on the paperwork the next day.

Friday.  Friday morning we get a call from Adam and he says, "Yeah, uh - someone wants to come see your house this afternoon.  They have seen at least 100 houses but they are really excited about yours.  They love the area, have friends in the neighborhood...it's totally up to you guys".  We agreed to show it and got the house ready.  During the showing Cody and I talked about where we would move IF we end up selling it to these people.  I mean, we don't HAVE to live in Pleasant Grove.  It would be more convenient, of course.  But we both love Provo, so there is an excellent chance that we would stay around here if we end up selling!  Adam called us later that evening and said, "I'm not sure if this is good news, but they LOVE your house.  No negatives, they loved everything.  They're going to think about it over the weekend and get back to you on Monday."

Monday.  Adam called us this afternoon and said that an offer was being drawn up tonight and it was probably going to be on our house.  Holy crap.  Seriously?!?  Of course we are very excited, but still a wee bit skeptical.  I mean, what if it's totally low?  What if an offer doesn't come through at all?  So we sit...and wait.  We actually showed the house again this evening and best case scenario?  Bidding war!  But until we hear from Adam, we sit...and wait.


~j. said...


If you sell, and you want to stay in the area, would you like to buy my house?

Jen said...

Yes! Your patience has paid off! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for "mo money" for you and your hubby!