Jump Start

I had a meeting with the CrossFit ladies last week about offering women's only Jump Start classes at the gym!  We've wanted to do this for a while and we're all SO excited.  The price is great and the results will be even better!  I created this flyer to help spread the word - this is a rough draft, but you get the general idea.  What do you think?  Or more importantly, when are you signing up?


Kateastrophe said...

If I lived there I'd be all the way in.

As it stands, I'm starting a boot camp type thing today with the trainer and food plan from hell.

Pray for me.

Lucrecia said...

So impressive! I bet you are looking amazing already. I've heard really great things about Cross Fit. It looks like it's pretty hard core...? $100 is a decent price in exchange for looking hot in a bathing suit!:)

Auntie Ann said...

sign me up for 6 weeks after baby!