Yard Sale Extravaganza!

Saturday was the Merritt Yard Sale and boy howdy was it a grand site!  I showed up at 7:15 to help Amelia set things up.  At that hour?  It was chilly!  The sale wasn't supposed to start until 8:00, but you know how eager those buyers can be...we had some people walking through and perusing the merchandise around 7:30.  Once things got started it was pretty crazy!  We sold our old bedroom furniture and rickety grandfather clock.  The Merritt's sold some big ticket items (a fridge and a telescope!) along with a plethora of shoes, clothes, knick knacks, lamps...it was a sight to behold.  We had everything!  Baby strollers, cameras, tables, boardgames, computer games, books, appliances, electronics...it was awesome.
I even sold the beloved Edward cutout.  Cody thought we should have had a silent auction for it...we could have raised a mint!  Things didn't really slow down until Noon and Brett was kind enough to run grab us some lunch.  People kept streaming through until about 4:30 when we started to clean things up.  We were pretty beat, but it was a successful day!  My favorite part?  Probably chatting with our friends and spending all day with Amelia.  It was SO much fun!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left with a wee treasure.  

Word has spread quickly through the neighborhood that we're moving.  The most common thing I get asked is, "Did you really sell your house?"  Yeah, I know, can you believe it?  It only took 14 months!  I'm going to have to start collecting moving boxes and getting things ready to pack up.  I'm beginning to stress...in a months' time I have to pack up my house, find a place to live, Rich's wedding, run Ragnar and write a skit for the YW in my ward to perform at Girls Camp.  Then of course there's Thrillionaires, our own yard sale to organize and stuff for the gym that I'm working on.  No big deal, I can handle it...right?


Shawn said...

Yay for your yard sale! We had a garage sale for several weeks on Sat.---we made a whopping $67.00.

Yeah, I know---we're losers.

Jen said...

Ooooooo... I love a yard sale! Hope your future yard sale is a success!

It sounds like our toddlers are soooo much alike! My lil' turd has climbed his dresser and pulled out EVERYTHING, countless times also!!! Ug!

Amelia Merritt said...

You can TOTALLY handle it! And I have a bunch of boxes for you already, so don't worry about that. PS Don't let me forget to tell you the trick my mom taught me about packing up your closets that has SAVED MY BACON so many times!

I also enjoyed that last hour the most!! XOXO