Day with the Ducks

Disclaimer - I have now figured out how to add photos to my posts.  It takes forever and I still need to work on a few things, but whatever, pictures are pictures.  I have SO MUCH to post about, but I'll start with the oldest and move my way up...

The days are flying by, I can't seem to keep up!  A few weeks ago (when the weather was marvy) I took the boys to the park for a little picnic.  They ran around and chased each other, not much eating but lots of playing!  It was a beautiful day, the sky was SO blue.
That afternoon I was able to run some errands alone.   I washed the car, ran to the craft store, the grocery store and finally purchased a hanging plant for my porch!  It's huge and pink and I love it.  It of course highlights the fact that I need to purchase flowers for the rest of my flower pots, they look very sad in comparison.  Hopefully this week Cody and I can buy some plants and get to gardening!

The next day Cody and I took the boys to feed the ducks.  It was so much fun!  We got to see some extremely tolerant turtles and many ducks that were interested in our bread.  Cache was having a blast throwing bread bites into the water, he was laughing so hard.  He kept calling, "Here, duck!  Duck!"

This sleepy little guy even let Cache hold him for a minute.  Well, I mean what choice did he have, really...
I can't believe how fast the next few months are filling up!  Summer will be here and gone before I know it.  We have many things planned and while I had hoped to make it a lazy-ish Summer, I'm not sure that will happen!  Lets just hope Summer gets here.  And soon.

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Jenglamgirl said...

love all the pics. PARKS ARE FAB. love the pink flowers! p.s. YOU DON'T need any training or to loose weight you look great!!!! Your boys are darling!