A Good Egg

Easter was so much fun! Despite the drizzly, chilly weather on Saturday we loaded up the kids and headed over to Cody's parents house for the Annual Easter Egg hunt. Luckily, it wasn't raining while we scoured the yard for oval treasures. Cache had a blast, I love helping him look for eggs. He gets SO excited when he sees one, taking in a deep breath and saying really high, "Look! I see another one!"

His bag of loot.
Cole didn't really know what was going on, but managed to find some eggs and is still eating the treats from his haul.
Towards the end of the hunt he tracked down Grandpa and had him open the door to the magical place where the real toys are kept...
He loves the 4-wheeler.

I have to commend Cody's parents for putting that together - there are about 14 kids and grandkids that go on the hunt and they EACH have about 16 eggs. Every kid has a designated egg style to hunt for, i.e. - Cache has orange eggs, Cole has green eggs with stickers, Eric has half green, half clear eggs, etc. THEN they hide these 250 hundred eggs in their backyard in hopes that each one is found (we came across one egg that was left over from last year). After the massive hunt we warmed up inside and had a delicious lunch. Thanks for hosting, Gary and Kathy!

Sunday the weather looked and felt more like Spring, it was gorgeous. We took the boys on a little egg hunt in our backyard and then surprised them with more loot when they were done. Cache was looking at all the treats and toys, taking everything out and looking it over.

Cole wasted no time unwrapping and devouring a chocolate bunny. Good thing it was hollow!
I invited my family over for dinner and instead of dining on traditional ham, Cody made his famous Lasagna. Ever had it? It. Is. SO. Good. We also made cheesy garlic breadsticks from a fantastic dough recipe, courtesy of our friends Marc and Jessica. We ate while the kids played around downstairs. It was so fun to just hang out with the family! We need to have them over more often...

I'm still working out at CrossFit whenever I can - I have a love/hate relationship with that gym! It's hard work, but I absolutely love it. I don't know if I will be able to become a certified trainer this year (it's pretty spensy), but I want to be as close to a real trainer as I can! Marty has started working out and it's so fun to go to the gym when he is there. He is doing so well! He's a fast learner, I'm totally impressed with him. We moan and complain together, but we cheer each other on. It's also fun to be at the gym when Brett is there (who is ALSO making great strides). The people at the gym are what make it so rad, you must come check it out sometime.

And FINALLY, you all must come see the Thrillionaires show this Saturday! It's the the main, huge theater and we're doing a "90's Rock Musical". Oh yes, it's going to be stellar. The cast is so great and the tickets are half off!! The show starts at 8:00, see you there.

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The Bastian's said...

You are the coolest! Your also an excellent writer, I LOVE reading your blog. Your family is adorable and you always look like your having so much fun. I sure miss you- I know we didn't see each other but I think just knowing your not right there makes me miss you more. Glad you had a good Easter!!