Weekend in the 80's

It was SO balmy in Vegas this past weekend, absolute Heaven! I drove down to spend the weekend with Sara for her Birthday and had the best time - Kate and Rhonda drove up from Phoenix and we spent the weekend eating, shopping, talking, staying up late and laughing our heads off. I can't even remember the last time I laughed that hard, it was so much fun! I got there on Friday evening and that night we went out to eat at BJ's and did some damage at Target.

We woke up Saturday morning and had candy for breakfast. I may or may not be kidding. We quickly got ready and then headed out to do some shopping at the Town Center shops (best shopping in the world). It was the perfect day - clear, warm, a light breeze...how I adore Vegas. AND I fully scored! I bought a beautiful dress to wear to Rich's wedding (at least, that's the reason I gave myself to justify the purchase), a rad jacket from BR and a silky dress from H&M. See? See?? Aren't they great!

This sassy little number came from Martin & Osa.

Isn't the stitching great? It's so glam, but will look even better with light blue heels.

This jacket is so great, with that zipper? And I'm huge fan of that dusty blue color...

This dress is SO comfy. It's thin and silky, I love it.
It might be considered tacky showcasing my fashion finds, but whatevs. After lunch we shopped a bit more and then headed over to Fashion Show Mall. Surprisingly, none of us bought anything there. But we did window shop and peruse many stores! We had Cafe Rio for dinner, got in our PJ's and settled in to watch 'Twilight' which is delicious in every way.

On Sunday we loaded up our cars and went our separate ways - so sad! But the Girls Trip is coming up, so until then...I drove away from the blue skies and 84 degrees. When I hit St. George it was 74 degrees and 10 minutes after that? 43 degrees. Ugh. There have been two storms since I've been home and I certainly hope we get them all out of the way to make room for the warm weather!


Sara said...

LOVE YOU! And I love your purchases! Move to Vegas already!

kateastrophe said...

LOVED IT. Love you, loved the weekend. Miss you, miss the weekend.

Ahhhh so fun.

Shawn said...

Can't say enough about H&M, my favorite store! Lucky you.

Its been pretty warm here by New England standards, so I'm not complaining...

Great threads, by the way.

Jenglamgirl said...

How fun! we bbq'd this past Sun. at our home after church. It was way windy so we moved the bbq to the garage and it worked. Love the dresses! sounds like you had a blast! I might have to look into doing some kind of girl weekend getaway. I think all moms need that!

Rosey said...

Jewels that dress and jacket are total smash hits!! Love them! And I love that Twilight is still as delicious as ever! Love you!

Angie said...

Great buys, Julia. You always had good style. Your weekend sounds like a blast!

And your boys are so cute, Julia. They are definitely yours.