Sum Up

The past week has FLOWN by! We've been keeping busy with a myriad of random things. Last Thursday I took Cache and his BF Drew to a matinee. They were SO excited, it was so cute! Our first stop was to pick up some wee beverages for them to sneak into the theater - aren't I just the best example?
They were very serious when they handed their tickets to the ticket guy, then it was on to the candy case...After our purchase we got settled in the theater - we were the only ones there! They each had a pretty great set up - bug juice, cup o' popcorn and a treat.

The movie was 'Monsters vs. Aliens' and it wasn't great, but the boys were totally entertained. It's a good thing we were the only ones there because they would talk about the movie or yell out, "Whoa!" after a huge explosion or something. After the movie we picked up Cody and Cole and headed out to the gym. Came back home, had dinner and when it was time for Drew to go Cache was beyond sad. He loves his little friend! My favorite thing is hearing them talk to each other. It's hilarious to hear them carry on a conversation...I need to get that on film. They get to spend the day together tomorrow and I don't doubt they'll have a blast!

The house is STILL for sale and last week we had 4 showings. That's a lot! I think the best part of this whole 'selling' experience is that I have mastered the art of cleaning my entire house in one hour. Oh yeah, it's something to see. Sometimes I wonder if Cody has Adam call me and say that someone is coming through the house just so I'll get into a cleaning frenzy. Hmm, curious.

Easter is coming up! I haven't decorated as much as I usually do, but I am in love with these golden eggs. I think they will hold a special prize on Easter morning! This Saturday is the Jolley Family Easter Egg Hunt and I already know that the boys will make out like bandits - they get spoiled every year! On Easter Sunday we are having my family over for dinner...what should I make?

And finally, I must chat about how beautiful the day was yesterday. It was in the 70's! Beautiful, gorgeous, wish you were here! I got to spend the whole day with Cody and the boys, it was perfect. We bought some fruit, chatted in the front yard with our neighbor George, grabbed some lunch and played at the park near the Fire Station in PG.

We even got to visit with Chase and Natalie who were driving past the station - it's always good to see them. We all got a little sun kissed from spending so much time outside! Last night night Cody and I went to dinner (we should have eaten outside, now that I think about it...) and did some car shopping. Today? Well, today is gloomy and cold. Summer will get here...it must!


Kateastrophe said...

Ahh the one hour power clean. I so don't miss that. And you have KIDS! I'm mui impressed.

We aren't doing anything for Easter. We suck.

Shawn said...

Those boys are so cute! Glad you took a camera to record the moment---you are a great Mom.

Love the gold eggs---and empathize with your quick clean-ups---it is so hard to do!

Lucky you got some good weather---it is supposed to be cold this weekend here and we were going to have a garage sale---(sigh)