Amber Sky

It's August! What the what? Where is my Summer going? We were quite busy this weekend with fun goings on...

CrossFit Kids! Cody has started training kids at his gym. It was so cute seeing all the kids get into it, Cache and Cole loved it. The class is only 30 minutes or so - get your little ones signed up! (click on the link on my sidebar).

Friday we hung out with Marc and Jessica which is always a good time. Love them. We had dinner and did a bit of shopping before going to see '110 In The Shade' at the Hale. I knew nothing about this show - not the story or the music, but it was SO good. If you haven't seen it yet, go!

Saturday I was a judge for the Miss American Fork Pageant. That marked the second pageant-affiliated event I have been to this year and I'm still curious as to why I'm asked. Don't get me wrong, I have a blast doing it and I get to meet some great people, but I don't have a pageant past. The other judges have judged like 5-10 pageants and were old pros. Me? No clue. Nevertheless, it was a good time and the cutest of girls won - she was fantastic. I was told that I would be used as a judge again...so I better amp up my supply of evening wear.

The sunset last night was amazing. Did you see it? Cody and I were outside just staring at the sky with our mouths open. I can't even explain the light...everything was gold and yellow...almost like we were in a tent, does that make sense? It was like a Maxfield Parrish painting. I took loads of pictures but none of them really captured the light. It was beautiful - a gorgeous August sunset.

This week? Well, this week holds lots of goings on, too. We are still working on the kitchen and have some fun family things planned...got to squeeze it all in before Summer leaves!

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Burg Family said...

I loved the light last night with the sunset, I was at work and opened the blinds for them all to see. It was like looking through amber tinted sunglasses, it was so neat looking!