BK Update

We have had some time to work on the kitchen this past week and we've been making it count! We also cleaned out the garage, took a load of sheet rock and kitchen debris to the dump and worked in the yard. I love it when we can get so much done! I want to ride this wave for a while, goodness knows we have a lot to tackle.

After we had textured the ceiling and were getting ready to prime everything, we noticed some hairline cracks along some of the seams of the drywall. UGH. We repaired 4 of them on the ceiling (by 'we' I mean mostly Cody) only to discover 3 more on the wall. UGH. Cody took care of those quick, even though it felt like the mud was taking longer to dry the second time around. We finally got everything plumb and put some primer on the walls and the ceiling. It was so weird, it actually looked like a room. It's like we could finally see the whole space.

I'm getting so excited!! It's really coming together! Cody finished up some wiring and hopefully this week we'll finish up the drywall in the living room. Today however, I'm working on getting this on the kitchen walls.


Tayva said...

Love, LOVE that color. XO

Kim said...

Wow! I just got caught up on your fun summer! It looks like you have been busy and gone on some fun trips! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

Rita said...

Ohhh...can't wait to see it all together! Keep posting photos!

Hope you guys are great!