There is Beauty All Around

...when there's love at home.

The boys and I sat on the front porch to watch the rain. I love watching the rain with them.

These little moments are important, says me. Especially when our house is torn up and nothing is where it should be. But we are on our way to a kitchen! Behold! The paint color!

It's called 'Grape Leaves', but does that color look like grape leaves to you? It's more of an...avocado mint, or something (which in reality would be nasty, but in a paint color it's divine). When I put on the first coat I was pretty scared, it was so lime-y and bright. "We've made a horrible error!". It changes intensity during the day, being pretty bright and 'Granny Smith Apple' in the morning, drab olive when it's cloudy, ripe avocado in the evening.

It looks so crisp, I love it. And it looks like a room!

We are putting together some cabinets (!), finished the drywall in the living room that needs to be mudded and taped...it's actually coming together, we're getting our home back.


{lizzythebotanist} said...

that green looks just like the color we use in nash's room (same color, two houses so far...). his version is called jalapeno jelly. it's SUCH a great color. i love that you did your kitchen in it! can't wait to see the finished product!

Jewels said...

Oooh, Jalapeno Jelly! Best name ever.

Bringing Lady Back said...

A. I LOVE watching the rain from the front porch! Go mommy! Utah storms are the best.

B. The paint is applesauce and berries.

C. So happy to see things coming together for you!

D. Love and miss you.

Kim said...

How fun to being that much closer to the finish project! We remodeled our kitchen last summer--not quite to the extent you are going through-- but it feels almost just as torturous. I promise it will be worth it!

Natalie & Chase Gustman said...

mmmm! I love the paint color! the house is looking great! i cant wait to put some paint on my new walls too!

Lucrecia said...

Oh my gosh! I love your paint. And I'm so excited to see how it all comes together. I love these updates. Keep 'em coming!