Fish Lake

Last week we met up with Cody's parents to spend a few days at Fish Lake. It was SO much fun! They have a sweet trailer which has now ruined me for camping forever. Not that I was ever primed for camping, but that dreamy trailer cinched it - no more tents. We found a cherry spot and set up...trailer.
Cole LOVES 4-wheelers. If he heard one start up he would start running and panting, desperate for a ride. Before dinner, Gary and Cody took the boys on a quick run.
How handsome is my family?

We had a delish dinner (Kathy fed us so well) and watched a few movies. The next day we loaded up the 4-wheelers to ride some trails.
Gary was very patient with me while I tried to master the skill of 4-wheeling...now I'm awesome at it. Meh, sort of. It's so pretty up there, I took so many pictures and we saw some amazing things!
Stopping at a high overlook for some snacks (or, as my sister-in-law Jess would say, "Sneeyacks!").
On the way back we ran into some hail and rain, but what kind of master 4-wheeler would I be if I let that stop me? Look at those dark clouds!

We got back just before a huge thunderstorm hit. Kathy and I kicked back to watch a few movies while the boys went shooting. After dinner we built a fire and roasted some marshmallows. The sunset was beautiful.

Gary and Cole were sporting matching hairstyles after the rain...

The next morning we started out on the 4-wheelers again and hit some more trails. The boys loved riding and Cache even drove for a while. Cole drove, too, if you count him grabbing the throttle and pressing it all the way down. Good times.

The trip ended too early and we were sad to leave. We're hoping to go back next month and see Fish Lake in the Fall. I love Cody's parents, it was so awesome to spend that time with them and my little family. Maybe next time we go back, we'll actually fish!


kateastrophe said...

I'm hatching a plan. We're going to the Pink Coral Sand Dunes the last weekend in September. You guys should call and reserve a spot at the campground, bring the camper and the quads and we'll all MAGICALLY be there at the same time!
Also, I love that picture of Cody and the boys! It's so gorgeous!

Tayva said...

I loved this post! Thanks for the photos and account of your trip--how wonderful to have this amazing and fun family in your life!! XO to everybody

Bringing Lady Back said...

SO FUN!!!! I'm so glad you had such a great time! (Um. Movies? And camping? In the same sentence? Sink me.)