Birthday Blast

What a marvelous Birthday weekend! I rang 31 in with style, I must say. I started the celebration early with a wee dessert party on Thursday night. Bein's that I have no stove (soon, my dears!), I spent the afternoon at Mindi's and we made some tasty chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cupcakes. It was so fun to spend the day with her. Pretty sure I impressed her with my ability to eat my weight's worth in cake batter. Don't judge me - that stuff is delicious and nothing you say will change my mind.

It was so fun to catch up with friends over sugary treats. I have NO pictures of this night, but trust that the company was outstanding and the cupcakes were frosted and sprinkled. We were short a few pink cupcakes...we ran out of batter. Weird. I even busted out my pink ice cream machine! Greatest thing on Earth, I should use that more often. Like on Tuesdays.

Friday I lunched at 5 Guys with Cody and our boys. We did a little shopping that afternoon and then headed up to Mindi's family's Lodge in Lehi with the fire crew.
The place is gorgeous - it's totally secluded and it's on such a beautiful stretch of land. We had a BBQ and stayed close to the fire (it was freezing).
It was so fun to hang out with them, it seems like we haven't done anything together in months. And to think - just a year ago we were on our way to Hawaii! Ugh, so depressing, moving on.

Once inside, Chase favored us with some synthesizer tunes. He was feeling it.
So was Cody...

We had cake and treats and settled in to watch 'Sherlock Holmes'. Um - FANTASTIC. See, I had never seen it before (I know, I know) and I totally ate it up! I loved it, loved the music, the humor...Robert Downey, Jr. can do no wrong, as far as I'm concerned. Big fan.

After the movie we called it a night. Saturday and Sunday we spent time together as a family which is always awesome. Happy Birthday to me! And in case you still want to get me a pressie, a cake mix is always a good idea.


Bringing Lady Back said...

Ha! My card totally had cupcakes on it! Sorry they weren't scratch and taste, darling.

I'm so glad you had such a fabulous birthday... wish I could have helped you ring in the grand 31! The water's great! Jump on in.

And? I loooove the new spooky layout! Eek!

kateastrophe said...

I knew you'd love you some Sherlock Holmes.

"You wear a jacket."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Also? Love the new layout. So spooklies!

Natalie & Chase Gustman said...

hahahaha! I love the pic of chase and the pic of cody dancing with you! what funny men we have!

Jenglamgirl said...

Hey Gorg.~ Happy Happy be-lated birthday! It sounded so MARVELOUS! Nothing beats friends fam. and sweets. Love Love YOUR SPOOKTACULAR NEW LAYOUT AND HEADER. HOPE ALL IS WELL! LUV YA! Jen