The Music Man

You see this spry young gent? That is my father. This glorious man is celebrating his 60th...(pause for effect), yes 60th Birthday today. Who knew age could look this good? It must be because he has such wonderful children.

We grew up watching 'The Music Man', it's one of my Dad's favorite musicals and in turn, is one of my favorite musicals. I remember listening to the soundtrack in the car on long road trips and watching the movie many times as a family. Some amazing memories are tied to that music. A year or two ago in Relief Society, the teacher began to talk about the movie and it's message and since I instantly smiled and sat up straighter, she asked me if I had ever seen in. "Yes!" I gushed, "I grew up with that movie, I LOVE it". She asked if I would share the storyline with the class. I was sitting on the front row and I turned to face some of the ladies and started with, "So I'm sure most of you have seen the film..." and I raised my hand indicating that if anyone else had seen the movie to have them raise their hand as well.

No one raised their hand.

I said, "...really, no one has seen it?"

Still no hands. In disbelief, I told the story of the Music Man. A man who came to a stubborn little town and gave it music and happiness. Who changed lives and taught people to believe in something better than themselves.
My Dad is my Music Man. He is Harold Hill. I love my Dad. What a marvelous and solid gold man! He is so wise and awesome and hip to the bone. He has made our family strong. Happy Birthday, Dad! Dad...Dad...Daddy-O. Here's to another 60!


Lucrecia said...

Oh how I love your Dad too! i wish he was my Pops :) Tell him I said Happy Bday!

Brian said...

Sweet Jewels, thanks for your kind post. I love you and am flattered that you think I'm the Music Man, but if Professor Harold Hill (me, me, also me....I'm really close on this one) gets Marian the Librarian (aka Tayva) then I LOVE the comparison! And Happy Birthday to you this Friday! (All cool people were born in September!)

And thanks to you too, Lu, it's always flattering when an old man gets nice greetings from unrelated attractive young women!

Bringing Lady Back said...

Happiest of Birthdays, Brian Patch! And big hugs from Dora Bailey.

kateastrophe said...

Ahhh Brian. You are the Music Man and Tayva IS Marian the Librarian! I loved growing up around you because it was sort of like you were my dad, too.

Oh and thanks for being awesome and letting us borrow your sweet ride on Friday!