End of Summer

Wednesday my boy started Kindergarten. Last week we met with his teacher (she is SO fantastic) and Cache has been super excited to go to 'big school'. Man, remember those days when you were excited to go back to school?

He is growing up so fast...so handsome and smart. He has met so many new little friends already and looks forward to school every morning.
As the last weeks of Summer have slipped away I can't help but want to hang on to the lazy days for as long as I can. We've been busy this season and have played so very much, but it never seems to be long enough! The mornings and the evenings have been getting cooler, Halloween decor is everywhere (stoked) and I'm starting to see the leaves change...Fall is coming. Love me some Fall.

I always feel a twinge of panic at the end of Summer, like "Whoa, did we do everything? Did we have enough BBQ's? Did we play outside until dark? Fireworks? Shakes? Watermelon?" Not sure we did fit everything in, but we had a blast. We somehow survived without a kitchen and had many popsicles...it was a great Summer. The days are still warm and I know I'll find a way to keep the season going for as long as I can, but goodness knows that Halloween is just around the corner. And goodness knows I'm always looking forward to that!


Tayva said...

Goodness knows! What a wonderful post! Cache looks about 7 or 8 in that photo . . . (what a handsome devil) XOXO

Lucrecia said...

My oh my! Is it weird having a kindergartner? I remember that was weird for me. How fun!

Bringing Lady Back said...

He looks so grown up! Sweet boy. Give him a hug from me, will you darling?