Last weekend after Church we took the boys up to the cabin for a night. We haven't been up there all year...it was time. I love the Jolley cabin and it was fun to be there with just our little family. As soon as we drove up, we found a family of deer underneath the cabin...

Look at the baby! It still has spots!
The boys were loving this little hut.
There's a rope swing that the boys can't get enough of. Dear Cody got a work out.
...because he LAUNCHED them in the air.

Before it got too dark we decided to go for a drive. LOOK! Look what I spotted!!
This moose was ginormous.

We had a really yummy dinner (corn on the cob from Grandma Doreen's garden - win) and then went to bed. We didn't sleep too well due to the super loud thunderstorm outside. We woke up a lot to the sound of rain or the loud slap of thunder...awesome!

The next morning we got up early and headed out. But not before I spotted yet another daddy Moose.

You have to realize the huge amount of pride I felt. I never spot anything. Cody is the one who can spot a deer from thousands of yards away. He's always like, "Ahhh, see up there on the ridge? There's a family of deer...oooh, even a young buck. Haha, they are having lunch and playing with butterflies."

Hopefully we'll get up to the cabin a lot this Fall, it's so pretty up there. And the meese better watch out! I'll be watching...

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