What I'm Loving Wednesday

Yeah, that's right - I'm doing yet another WILW. I haven't blogged in a week. There are things I need to touch on. But FIRST! What am I loving?

Well...a few pieces of furniture. We'll start with this one.
My dearest Sara was in town and I met her up at Ikea yesterday for a quick shopping trip. We bought some super cute things but before hitting the check out I noticed this little lilac cabinet and began to swoon. I love it! I want to put it in the little alcove by our front door for shoes and the like. Here's the thing, originally we were going to put a bench there with shoe baskets underneath and coat hooks above, etc., but how can I pass up this lovely little cabinet? Can I just put a chair next to it? Is that too much?

You may remember me gushing about the fact that I wanted to paint my piano yellow.
While I still think it would look super-rad, I have had a change of heart. Why? Because of this little emerald.
Could. you. die. I am obsessed with this couch. Look at that color! And it folds into a sleeper! I can't very well have a green couch and a yellow piano, could I? So the piano will remain the same and this lovely jewel will be the shining focal point. Until, of course, I find something shiny that takes my attention.


Heidi said...

I want that couch right now. I mean it.

Mark said...

Awesome! You could still pull off the piano thing. Maybe just in a lighter shade of yellow. ;) Happy designing.