Here's what I know...

1. I love Summer. I do. The weather is marvelous and balmy...but I'm over it. SO ready for Fall.

2. Hopefully I'll get to take an early peek at my baby this week and find out what we're having!!

3. I think Pinterest is bad for me.

4. Starting to narrow down my options for my Halloween costume this year. All of them involve me wearing a large, roomy sheet.

5. Grumpy, mopey people bug me.


LuLu said...

Ditto on Pinterest! It makes me want to spend hordes of money and replace every single thing I have!

Hailey said...

I agree! SO ready for Fall!

I have resisted the urge to check out Pinterest. I'm afraid it will take over my life. Whaddya think?

Can't wait to hear about baby!

Kim said...

Oh I can't wait to know what you are having!!! And I have yet to check out Pinterest but I have heard it is the best and very addicting. Will I ever have time for something like that? Still want to do lunch!! Call me!