Happy Birthday Cole!!

Ol' blue eyes turned 4 today. FOUR! He's such a cute, funny little dude. He was so excited for his Birthday. I blared 'Birthday' by The Beatles this morning and we all went in and woke him up. I tried to dance with him in the kitchen to the song, but he didn't like it. Tell me, when do they start liking that? I'm not giving up by any means, but c'mon now...

Now that Cache is in school all day, Cole gets a little lonely, so after breakfast (white powdered donuts and chocolate milk) Cody and I took Cole and his little friend Jack to Blikenstaff's Toy Store and to lunch.

These two are SO cute and hilarious together, not to mention color opposites.
With their treasures!
Now, originally I had planned on taking them to McDonald's or Karl's Jr. or anywhere that had a fun playplace, but where did we eat? Macaroni Grill. Yeah. We took our 4 year old and his friend to a chi-chi Italian restaurant because we're fancy like that.

After we picked up Cache from school, I started on the Birthday cake while the boys played. They took a bath (they do that), watched 'Shrek' and ate popcorn and rounded off the day playing with play dough. Best day ever.

Now...let's talk about the cake, shall we? I baked two cakes, took one out of it's pan and left the other one in it's pan while I ran to rehearsal real quick (yes. rehearsal. another post. moving on). See, mistake number one, peeps - don't leave a cake in it's pan while it cools. It makes removing said cake a total nightmare. What are you left with? A crumbly, fall-apart mess.

Here is where we get real, kids. Most lovely mothers make beautiful Birthday cakes for their children. They post pictures of these gorgeous, meticulously decorated pastries that look like they could be for sale at an upscale bakery. I don't fault these women for showcasing their masterpieces, why shouldn't they? What you normally DON'T see are the failures and the ghetto muffins that most of us try to pass off as cakes. So what am I going to do? I'm posting my cake failure, for all of the blogging world to see.
Oh that's right,
every horrendous angle.
Dudes? HOW AWFUL IS THIS CAKE. I'm not sure 8 bowls of frosting could have made this cake pretty. I mean whaaaa?!?! It looks like I ran over it with a bike and covered it with melted Hershey bars. It looks like a chocolate-covered chunk of concrete. Good laws, friends...this is just inexcusable. The top layer literally broke in half when I took it out of the pan, which just started a chain reaction of other chunks breaking away to find a happier home. No matter how much frosting I bathed it in, no matter how cruelly I begged it...it would not help me out. It's an ugly cake. The kind of cake that hides in a dark corner at a school dance. Even shrouded in darkness and littered with Birthday candles it was still a mess. Hooray that it tasted great and my son is 4. Bullet. Dodged. (well, sort of). See? Feel better?

We opened pressies which included these snappy cowboy hats...

How I love this little man. He is my tough little boy who is stubborn and funny and loving and obsessed with sugar. He is our joy and I love him more every day. Happy Birthday, dude!!


Kateastrophe said...

There are SO MANY THINGS I love about this post but the paragraph about the cake? GENIUS. Mrs. Peacock dinner monologue GENIUS. Why are you not at my house right now?!?!?

Jen said...

Happy birthday Cole! Way to celebrate your day in style!
That cake is awesome! Made me laugh outloud, which is why I never make my kids b-day cakes. That's a disaster just waiting to happen!