Flashback Tuesday

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday! I was totally floored, thanks so much. A big thanks to Kate who posted a Birthday tribute to me on her Blog. If you need more convincing that I rock the house, go check it out here. Thanks, Kate! Hannah also posted a Birthday poem for me on her Blog - she's hilarious! Finally, I had a dear friend (Mark!) who confessed that he is a closet Blonde Canary fan - that made my day.

I haven't done Flashback Tuesday forever, but I had to post something that I thought was so funny! One night in the Hospital around 2:30am, I had just finished feeding Cole and the nurse was coming in to take him back to the nursery. I was still pretty awake, so I flipped on the TV. There it was - in all it's 80's glory - SIDE OUT.

Have you heard of this movie? Dude. So awesome. It's about the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the extreme sport of beach volleyball! I think it came out in 1990 and let me tell you what - the fashions on display in this film? Priceless. I'm not saying that you need to go out and rent this cinematic gem, but if you by chance get to see it on late night TV one night, pay attention - it's hard to believe that such high shorts and visor caps were all the rage at one time...and I'm sure most of us sported these ridiculous trends.


Kateastrophe said...

HAHAHA. I have never seen this movie, but I am SO renting it this weekend! I am dying laughing over just the pictures!!!

Heather said...

I have never seen this movie...but I can tell from the photos that Jim and I would love it! I remember a lot of dumb infomercials from my hospital stay~nothing as exciting as this show!