Good Heavens, where have I been? Just got back last night from spending two glorious days with my sister in Vegas! I had such a blast. Andrea is one of my best friends, so our days were jam-packed with fun things to do! We quickly realized that two days is simply not enough time to play - although, we could have an entire week together and still not do everything we want to. Cody had a Firefighter convention, so it was just me and the kids. Cache had so much fun with his cousins. The first night we were there they played ball in the backyard and then laid down with Andrea to look at the stars.

We went shopping at some Halloween stores, worked on our Halloween party invitations (which are so rad, I can't even begin to tell you) and spent lots of time talking.
On Monday night we went over to Andrea's inlaws home for FHE. The activity for the evening? Guitar Hero. People - this game rocks the house. Andrea and I played back to back to our adoring, screaming fans! I've played the game before, but this was Andrea's first time and by evening's end, she smoked my high score. No question, she is a born rocker. We shall duel again!

Tuesday we ran errands and spent time in the pool with the kids. We capped off my trip with the glorious "The Phantom of the Opera" on Tuesday night. I'm probably one of the few people who had not yet seen this movie, and I LOVED IT! Not only for the beautiful music, but for the dashing leading men that graced the screen. Andrea and I certainly enjoyed the view! Mm, Mmm - quite delicious. As my sister stated on her blog, "It's beautiful, romantic and what woman does not respond to those men in boots, capes and open-necked, blousy shirts?!" Indeed! When the Phantom graces the stage as Don Juan at the end of the film, I aptly re-named him, "Don Juan-ty!"

The trip ended far too soon and we still did not do everything we wanted! There's never enough time to play, but hopefully I can make it back there in the next few weeks. Viva Las Vegas!


Heather-Rita said...

I'm so glad that you had a great time! It is nice that you make some time for yourself (even though you still had the kids with you!)

Oh - can't wait to see the Halloween invitations!

Andrea said...

OHMYGOSH-I can't believe you found a picture of him in the red get up. YUM!

The Bakers said...

Ah man. I am secretly, now openly, SO jealous of that relationship with your sister. I'm quite sure that deep down my sister thinks I'm a decent human, but the jury is still out on that one. I love that you guys hang out and have good times...I will just have to resort to my sisters-in-law for stuff like that...ALAS!

Kateastrophe said...

Awww now I miss my sister! She's far , far away.

I'm sorry I missed you in Vegas but it sounds like you had a total blast!!