Young Love #2

Soap Opera Sunday! First time here? Check out the first part of this story.

Needless to say, my heart started to sink. "Tell me what??" While I tried to hold composure on the other end of the line, my mind started to wander. "Was he moving? Did he not really like me that much? Did he have a girlfr-....oh no, what if he has a girlfriend!?!". I had to end the call so that Natalie and I could get ready for bed. I told her what I heard and that I assumed he had a girlfriend. I mean, what else could it be? She decided to talk to Tim and see if she could learn anything. After we were all packed and ready for bed, we called the boys again and Natalie began to casually question Tim about Jed's feelings towards me. "He really likes her, he thinks she's really cool and wants to get to know her better, but he does have a girlfriend". I watched Natalie's face as he was telling her this and just from the tone in her voice I knew what he was saying. I can't really say that I was heartbroken, but I was just. so. sad. I felt like an idiot, I also felt like punching him in the neck for not telling me that he had a girlfriend. I didn't talk to Jed again that night. Natalie finished talking to Tim and she told me that they wanted to see us in the morning before we left. I didn't really know how I was going to react when I saw Jed...I fell asleep wondering if I wanted to see him at all.

The next morning we were waiting for our ride like hundreds of other kids. Natalie and I took some pictures, said goodbye to other friends we met. I felt a little better that morning - I decided that I wouldn't say anything to Jed about his girlfriend, I would just be the 'cool chick' and pretend like it didn't bother me. Tim and Jed eventually joined us and we took some pictures together, promised to hang out and keep in touch, all that stuff. Natalie was the first to get picked up, then Jed. Tim offered to give me a ride home since he sort of lived near me and I agreed - at least it would give me some time to talk to Tim about Jed one-on-one! During the drive I tried to be all breezy and casual, the 'I don't care' kind of girl. "So...Jed has a girlfriend, eh?" I asked in a voice that was way too high to be taken seriously. "Yeah," Tim kind of laughed through his answer, "They've been dating forever. They sort of took a break for the Summer, but I swear he's going to marry that girl". I think I may have uttered something like, "...huh...that's cool, I mean you know whatever, it's fineadngia.....". When we got to my house, we talked for a few more minutes and then he left. The rest of the day I obsessed about Jed. I wondered when I would see him again or if I could muster up the courage to call him and ask him to hang out sometime...or if it was even worth it and should I just forget about him. That evening my Dad told me someone was at the door for me. I started to feel that flutter again, "Oh my gosh, what if it's Jed?!?!?" I thought as I headed upstairs to get the door, "What if he's come over here to tell me that he has fallen in love with me and doesn't want to see Jane again and - Oh, Tim!". Tim smiled once he saw me. I had left something in his car and he had brought it over. We talked for a few minutes and then he said, "Are you doing anything tonight?" "No, not really". He looked down and kind of laughed, "Want to?" "Uh..sure!" He was supposed to meet up with a friend, so he was going to pick up this kid and come back to my house. When Tim came back over with his pal, Guido (I am SO not making that up. It was his nickname and for the life of me I can't remember his real name...) we went into my room and started to play a boardgame or something. It actually turned out to be such a fun night! Tim was SO funny, I was constantly laughing. He was just so quick and witty, with his cute smile. Tim had really thick, dark hair and the cutest dimples ever. Hmmm, and he did have nice eyes. Man...he sure is cute...

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Thalia's Child said...

oooh! Looking forward to next week!!

The Bastian's said...

D'oh! Another week?!! I waited forever last time. You guys need to write these stories and quit leaving me hanging!! :)
I love the story though, your so cute! Isn't Tim your cousins guy thus far? How does that work? Won't she be mad?! I can't wait!

Andrea said...

You EFY sleeze!! Off with the old and on with the new, eh? :)

Dedee said...

Woo hoo! Can't wait for next week!

Brillig said...

Hahahahaha. Awesome. Like Romeo with Rosaline... and then Juliet. Love it. Can't wait for more!!!!