What I know

Here's what I know...

~There are more bad commercials than good ones.
~My road rage scares me.
~If I take the time to get all ready for the day, I feel more productive and my day usually goes better.
~I also know that if I get gussied up and run errands, I won't see anyone I know. BUT - if I just leave the house quick to buy milk without any make-up or effort, that's when I'll run into an ex-boyfriend and his hot fiance'.
~There will always be dishes and there will always be laundry.
~My mother was right - I do enjoy weeding my own flower beds.
~No matter how I try to suppress it, I'm a total romantic - it takes almost nothing to get me swooning.
~I have spent entirely too much money on iTunes.
~I would love to have an entire day all to myself so I could clean and polish my house.
~My hair looks AWESOME today.


Kateastrophe said...

Here's what I know:

~I love you with all of my heart
~We share road rage
~Together, we might support iTunes entire revenue stream (shh don't tell Matt)
~Did i mention I love you? Well, I do

{lizzythebotanist} said...

very cute post.

oh snap said...

I'm with Liz.


The Bakers said...

I'm with Kate.

The Bakers said...

Except for the iTunes part...sorry. I, uh, don't do that much because I don't have a swell MP3 player because I don't like wearing things in my ears. Crazy I know.