Cool to the Bone

Sink me, if I didn't go and do it!  These silver fingers have beckoned me for weeks to purchase them - how great is this bony hand?  It's shiny and spooky and inexpensive to boot - I bought it at Z Gallerie last week and I am thinking I may need to make another trek to purchase more...maybe it should hold a poisonous apple, or ballots for our 'Best Costume' contest!

On Sunday night we had dinner with my family and my Mom served black noodles.  Black.  Noodles.  Very apropos for the season, no?  They were delicious, but ALL of us were hesitant to take a bite.  Perhaps I should serve them at my Halloween party - take a bite if you dare!

And finally - this large clock.  I bought this from a girl who was moving away in the Spring.  It was super cheap and not really well made, but I like the lines of it...and it's been sitting in my garage ever since I brought it home.  It needs to be wound and cleaned (what water spots?), but what if I could spook it out for Halloween?

Maybe paint a pumpkin or moon on the face of the clock?  Hang a large spider for the pendulum?  Paint the clock a glossy black?  What would you do?


Tayva said...

Okay---no trips to Z Gallerie without me! I want one of those! About the clock? I think basic black is the way to go, just because you can still trick it out for other holidays. But (you know me) add spiders to the pendulum, crows to the crown, pile pumpkins inside and outside (the warty kind!), wind a vine around it and you're good to go. Or, do whatever you want---I always love your ideas. But it's great architecture (does it work? Set it for midnight!) XO, Mommy

Jen said...

I love your new background! It gets me in the mood to purchase orange things, cob webs, and fake blood!

That clock is sooo cool. I have the coolest morphing picture that would look awesome behind the glass. It looks like an old fashioned picture of a couple, but as you walk by it, they turn into freaks. Spooooky. I bought it on the internet. You can put cobwebs on it and maybe have a rat living in it.

Lucrecia said...

What are you dressing as for Halloween? Is it top secret? I saw an official site for actual FLDS dresses! I had instant flashes of you wearing it with your bangs curled and ratted. Awesome!

Rita said...

Ohhh...I love that clock too! It will look spooky for Halloween! Yay!

Nicole Crabtree said...

So yesterday I got my Martha Stewart magazine in the mail and I thought of you. It was the October issue and VERY Halloween.

Angie said...

i love you and halloween. this holiday may always make me think of you. i cannot wait to see your costume in pictures!!

Mark said...

I'm totally with Tayva on this one. I think you should paint the clock black too.

I'll have to connect you with my manager at IKEA who is a major Halloween enthusiast, just like you. You two could chat all day about it. The invitations to her H-day party were the neatest I'd ever seen.

Anyway, Happy Holidays!