This week has been crazy. Our party is tomorrow and I still have so much to do! There never seems to be enough time to get everything done, but I'll not be defeated! Last night I was up late creating the 'Best Costume' awards. I must say, I think they turned out rather well.

I found these fantastic cardboard skull masks and had to have them. I sprayed them white and then shaded them with gray paint. Taking a cue from my genius Mother, I covered the surface with Mica Flakes. Have you heard of this? It's used on vintage Christmas village houses and ornaments and the like. It's like big, flake glitter and it gave the skulls the perfect touch! I found this cute little box at 'Planted Earth' in Orem. If you have not been there yet, GO. It's fantastic. I need to go back and stock up!
A little ribbon and voila! Best Costume Award! Not going to lie...I wish I didn't have to give them away.

The weather has been so ideal and I have been taking so many pictures of the fall leaves! It's just so beautiful right now. Today is especially fallish...it's all cloudy and a bit windy out. Perfect! I will be posting more pics tomorrow of my house all bedecked and spooked out ready for the party. Cody and I have a long list of things to get done before then - including making our costumes. Yeah, no big deal. I'm sure mine will be held together with glue and a bribe.


Andrea said...

They look great! Where did you get the Mica flakes? Did you use Mom's?
Good luck getting ready for the party. Hooooray for Halloween and paahhteees....!

Tayva said...

Your skullies look SO GOOD!!! What a great idea to have them be part of the award thing. . . brilliant! Truly, see me for more mica flakes; although the container you bought is such a keeper, it's art by itself! We'll just keep it stocked. Good luck with your party---it'll be great! XO

Randi Patch said...

I loved your skulls, and am the most jealous of them! Good luck with getting all your party plans together; I am sure it will be amazing!! Loves

Jenglamgirl said...

Those maskes adorable... how exciting and fun, I am thrilled for you and your party. I just got invited to one on the 30th but its the same night as Kev's work fam. hallow party. Plus he volunteered me for the chili cook off contest.. One day I will make it to a rad hallow party. I am sure it won't be as rad as yours.

Jen said...

Those skulls make my heart palpitate faster! Awesome!

Hope you have a great time at your party!

carma said...

Came over from Swaneesinger to check out your blog.

Love your creativity with the awards - have fun!

The Bastian's said...

You should be a party planner! You would make millions! You amaze me every time you post your invites and things for your parties. Awesome!! You are so awesome and I miss you and that's all I have to say! :) Oh, and Happy Halloween!!