One in Amelia

Happy Birthday Amelia! This afternoon a big group of us got together in honor of our marvelous friend. It was so nice to sit and chat and catch up with all these hilarious ladies. Presents are always fun and the Birthday girl made out like a bandit! I adore these girls, I laughed so hard...

Sue and Hailey showing off their impressive soda collection. "It's free refills!" yelled Sue, "Bring more limes!".
Sue, Amelia, Hailey and me.
Lisa, Me, Amelia, Jenny, Jen and Mama Sue.
What a glorious afternoon! Amelia is tops and deserves the best, we should probably celebrate her Birthday every week.


glenda said...

Looks like a lot of fun-both parties,what do you use on your hair is allways beautiful and so shiney

sue-donym said...

Me and Hailey~ Partners in Lime.

Fabulous day!

Love, Sue,
AKA the Matriarch

Shawn said...

So sad I missed it!! Happy birthday Amelia!! You guys are all so gorgeous!

Amelia Merritt said...

Thanks you so much, my dear friend. So glad everyone came, and I DID make out like a bandit...in the friend department! Ya see what I did there, you all though I was talking about the presents, but no.