Spook Central

The 7th Annual Jolley Halloween Party was a smashing success! Our first Halloween in our new house was done with style, I must say. The costumes were fantastic! How great are our friends for dressing to the 9's each year? First, here are some photos of our spooky surroundings...

I think my living room is one of my favorite spaces. The sheet music to 'There's No Such Thing as a Witch' is on my piano - my family sang that growing up. My 'Happy Halloween' banner is backed by black netting. A little decorating tip from me to you? Netting/tulle will save you - I use it all the time.
My red chandy! Doesn't she look smart? Her with her fancy flicker bulbs...this gave just the right amount of light and I think I may just have to leave this up for Christmas.
Some ravens kept an eye on things. In the background I hung a banner my sister made for me - it reads, "What Hump", one of our favorite quotes from 'Young Frankenstein'.
I am particularly proud of this set up. I covered my chairs with white sheets and I've had that black frame forever. Skeleton cut out and bats on a string? Brilliant.

All my movie posters looked right at home on our new walls. I still need frames for most of them, but my goodness...they look awesome. I should probably get some more.
And finally, some of the costumes!
Cecily and Jake. They ran to Macey's just before the party - pretty sure they got some stares.
Tom and Tanya - Speed Racer and Suzy Homemaker. Tom's helmet still had a faint smell of spray paint, but he looked great!
Brigham and Karmel - a Priest and knocked-up Nun? Shameful.
Chase and Natalie. I totally underestimated the creepiness of this costume when Natalie told me about it. But seriously? How great are these costumes?
Kevin and Mindi - Richard Simmons! Could you die? Impressive gams, if I do say so myself. They took home our 'Best Costume' award.

Thanks to everyone who made it, it was such a fantastic night. I'm a little relieved to have the party over - now I get to enjoy the week before Halloween! Well, I do have two more parties to throw this weekend and we're super busy with spooky frivolity. Looks like we're going out with a bang! Boo to you!


Shawn said...

You are sooooo fabulous and your decorating is divine!! Wish I could have lived closer to come to your pah-tay! I'm sure that Hailey was sad that she had to miss it due to the show----so cool...

Jen said...

That chandelier is to die for! And the Richard Simmons costumes are classic! Classic!
Your parties totally look historical, my friend! Awesome job!

I hope to someday throw a Halloween shin-dig for our friends, but dealing with Conner right now just nearly sends me over the edge! (Today I caught him playing with my straight pins, he tried to cute his leg off with some scissors and he plugged in a glue gun and tried to glue the wall). Good times.

Auntie Ann said...

Im so bummed we couldn't make it (jude was cutting teeth and not at all happy) your house looks AMAZING!!!