Pretty Fall

Last weekend Cody and I took a drive with the boys up Hobble Creek canyon ('the left hand fork', says Cody). Ahh, how I LOVE to drive up the canyon in the Fall...so pretty. I easily took 200 pictures and kept telling Cody to stop the car so I could snap the colorful foliage. See? This is why I love Fall!

We parked by a wee stream and had some snacks. The boys were more interested in throwing rocks into the water and watching skeeters skate on the top.

There was a small trail that we walked up. Cole found a walking stick, he was quite the adventurer.

The weather was so very balmy and the sky was bright blue - looked great against the leaves.
I want to go back up and see if more of the leaves have changed. The day after we took this drive it got SO cold and rainy! It's been storming all week. Today is the first day that it's been a sunny and clear! Hopefully we can make it up there this week, love me some Fall.


Hailey said...

Gorgeous. I'm going to cry, I love it so!

Sara said...