Phew, what a crazy weekend! Halloween is always so much fun around here...while it was jam-packed this year, I always feel like I missed some things. There's always next year, right?

Saturday evening we got the boys all ready to go trick-or-treating! They were SO very excited, even though it was freezing and raining they could not be stopped.

My wee dragons...

Cody donned his normal attire, for some reason people thought he purposely dressed up as a cowboy. Huh. Albeit a very cute cowboy.
We didn't have too many trick-or-treaters, so I gave out handfuls of candy. Those poor kids! It was so cold and wet! I should have been handing out hot chocolate and snuggies. Again, there's always next year.

Once Cody got back with the boys I headed over to a neighborhood Halloween bash to say hello to some dear friends, then I was off to my parents house. My sister came up from Vegas and we teamed up with my Mom to go see 'Dracula' at the Castle Theater. It was SO fun! We parked at the bottom of a huge hill and walked up to the theater...it was a perfect Fall evening! The rain had stopped and it didn't feel as cold.
The show was like a live radio broadcast...each character had their own microphone and the did sound effects and music and everything...so very cool.

On Halloween night I took the boys back over to my parents house for a yummy dinner. Check out the gorgeous sunset! All the kids ended up playing downstairs...but not before we had a dance party. Andrea brought 'Just Dance', a game for her wii. Have you played this? If not, may I ask why?? It's a party, people! We had an absolute blast. You just mimic the dancer you see on the screen and rock out to some fantastic tunes ('Rasputin' by Boney M...catchy to the max).
We had planned on watching a Halloween movie with treats and such..but we couldn't stop playing the game! We were all laughing hysterically and dancing until we got overheated. I must get me one! "Dear Santa..."

I must address how utterly fantastic my Mother's home looks at this time of year...and she didn't even go all out like she normally does! Yeah, her version and my version of "I only decorated a little" are totally different. Pardon the blurriness of the pictures...

Her chandy looked AMAZING. Covered in garlands and vintage postcards and a banner that read 'Happy Halloween'...only my Mother can pull that off.

Mmm, that gorgeous stacked stone will be in my house one day.
She even read the grandkids "The Spider and the Fly" before we left...if you do not have this book yet, you must. It's a Halloween staple.
A marvelous Halloween holiday, if you ask me. It's always over too soon, but at least I don't have that many decorations to take down! Next year my house will be decked to the max....there's always next year.


Shaunee said...

I LOVE Just Dance! That is one of the funnest Wii games I've ever played. In fact, my son liked it so much that he asked for it for his birthday!
What a fun Halloween you had... your mom's house rocks!

kateastrophe said...

I love Tayva. Of course that's her version of "not so many decorations."

And I've been asking for Just Dance for like two years. Matt is not paying attention, apparently. Now I'll have to ask again!!

Bringing Lady Back said...

SO MUCH FUN! Is that allowed, even? To have so much fun? Oh, I wish we could have haunted somewhere together.

You mother is fabulous.