PGFD Halloween Party

This year I was in charge of throwing the 3rd Annual PGFD Halloween Party. Normally, myself and some of the other wives would un-decorate our homes to help decorate the department party. This was less than ideal. So! I approached the Chief a few months ago and offered to throw the party in style. Little did I know at the time that the month of October would be crazy-busy and I would be stressed to the max. I wanted the party to be festive and fun and look great and I wanted everyone to have a great time. Miraculously - I pulled it off!

We held it in the bay at the station (the huge garage area where they park all the trucks) and I think we'll have it there from now on. We borrowed some lights from the City...don't they look great?
Dessert Table

Water bottles with custom labels
Costume Prize table! A glorious gift for Best, Funniest, Scariest and Least Effort.

Ok. Not my finest hour. We decided on this like 3 hours before the party.
Not. One. Word.
The Chief and his sassy wife. Doesn't he make a great Edward? Red eyes and all! He was covered in sparkles...

Jake and Cecily - Woody and Jesse
The Girls! Melanie, Cecily, Me and my legs, Mindi and AnnaLee
There was a chili cook off which the most delicious contest! We took loads of pictures and ate and laughed...it was so fun. Afterwards we had our First Annual Pumpkin Drop. Such a blast! Each shift gets their own pumpkin and someone gets on the top of the truck ladder and drops their pumpkin from 100 ft up. We tied a balloon to the target pumpkin - let the games begin!

B shift came soooo close!

So, so very high.

We wrapped up the evening with the prizes and I even got a round of applause - aww. It was so much fun and I hope they let me do it again next year. I should probably wear pants. Happy Halloween!


Kim said...

You are officially the BEST party planner. The decor had YOU written all over it. I bet you all had a great time--and I love the legs!

kateastrophe said...

I LOVE the costumes. Love love love love love. And can PG loan me those lights for my birthday party?? Just saying.

I hope you guys won. You so deserve it!!

Jewels said...

The pics make them look like the larger ball lights, but they're just regular twinkly lights...STILL so great.

Bringing Lady Back said...

You astound me!

Those decorations! Those special water labels! Those legs!