Halloween Parade

Friday morning we got up early to get Cache all ready in his costume for his Halloween Parade at school. I love that schools do this, it's so fun to see all the little kiddies in their costumes. Cache changed his mind quite a bit when it came to deciding on a costume. At first he wanted to be Iron Man...then a Halloweenie. Yes. A Halloweenie. A Halloween hot dog, and naturally I refused. He finally settled on Toothless from 'How to Train Your Dragon', so I found a great dragon costume and made it black. Doesn't he look great?
I have no idea who these other boys are...but they were good sports and agreed to pose for the camera.
Oh goodness, could you die?? I love it - all the little costumes...
Costumes on parade!
The halls were lined with many a mommy armed with a camera.

Cache came home with loads of treats from his Halloween party at school and is already talking about his costume for next year. That's my boy!

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Bringing Lady Back said...

He's so cute! Please don't let him forget me. Ask him to draw me pictures of ants on the weekends.