It's official - no Jolley Halloween Party this year. I'm sad...but is it wrong that I'm not sad sad? Halloween is my favorite, most beloved, most near and dearest Holiday...oh, I adore it so. However, the thought of trying to get my house from it's current state to "Lets have a swell Halloween soiree'!" state is a journey that I don't want to go on. No one does, trust me.

I just can't do it, friends. With the show and the remodel...I just can't. I'm still hosting the PGFD Halloween Party and I think I'll try to host a kids' party like I did last year...we'll see. It doesn't seem right to NOT host some sort of wicked celebration. Still doing some decorating, but it looks like the Eighth Annual Jolley Halloween Party will have to wait.

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Bringing Lady Back said...

It's okay by me. Now I won't be pining and wishing and hoping and praying that I could somehow be there for it. ;)

Love you!

"Fear not... you're not lookin' upon a ghost." ;)