Spooky Spooks!!

October is here!! Oh my, I am giddy with excitement, how I love this month and all that it stands for.

I must admit that while I'm looking forward to Halloween goodness, I've also been...a little deflated. It's hard to get excited to decorate your house when it's a construction zone. A friend of mine sent me an email a few weeks ago and said, "I bet your house is already decked out for Halloween!". Not true, dear friend. Not true.

But all my worry and concern about decorating around the chaos shall disperse. I mean, I can't not decorate, right? It's better to have a little than nothing at all, right? I have a renewed hope! A fresh outlook! I don't know if my house will be all decked out like it normally is, but I will decorate what I can.

Happy October, everyone! I'm off to bedeck my home in spooky fair...

PS - I think it only fair to inform you that Costco now has their yummy pumpkin pies. I also think it only fair to inform you that I had to fight tooth and nail so Cody would allow me to take one home.


Tayva said...

p.s. Dad and I just brought a pumpkin pie home from Costco; so, if you eat all of yours, come on over . . . ! XO

Bringing Lady Back said...

I was literally JUST browsing Halloween decor thinking of you.

Decorate what you can! You must!

Jen said...

Happy October! I love October! I love the fall! I love decorating for Halloween! You must post pics of your Halloween decor, once it's up. And by the way, I'm loving the progress on the kitchen redo!

Rosey said...

please update your blog with pics of your "bedecked" home... must see!