Conference Weekend

GREAT weekend. The weekend of Conference is always a good one. While the boys were at Priesthood, Mindi and I went to dinner at our favorite place - Texas Roadhouse. Always so delish, those rolls are to die for. I think we polished off like 4 baskets...maybe 5. We talked and laughed until we cried and we even came up with a fantastic Halloween costume! Shhh, you'll have to wait and see.

Afterwards we did a bit of shopping and against my better judgement, we braved Tai Pan Trading at the mall. I had already gone to two craft stores Saturday afternoon and it was insane - crazy crafties everywhere! Fortunately, Tai Pan wasn't too crowded and we both walked away with a little treasure. This candle stick was too good to pass up...
We had a total blast, I think my stomach still hurts from all the laughing.

Sunday morning we joined my family up at my parents house for the our traditional crepe breakfast. Growing up we always made a big breakfast of fruit crepes, Conference Sunday just isn't the same without them! Check out the spread.

Remarkably, after gorging ourselves on sugary goodness, we all stayed awake for the first session. Afterwards, my brothers and sisters-in-law went for a drive up the canyon while Cody and I went down to his parents. We visited for a bit and walked over to Grandma Doreen's garden to pick some corn stalks and pumpkins.

I think I may go overboard with pumpkins this year...I have to talk myself out of buying a cart-load every time I go to the grocery store.

We spent the rest of the evening at home, it was nice to just relax and take it easy. Conference was great, the Church is true and I'm so grateful for so many things. Icing on the top of a great weekend? We had a huge thunderstorm yesterday and it rained off and on, it was chilly and windy...looks like Fall has finally fallen!

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Rosey said...

Never too many pumpkins!!!