Every year we drive up to the Jolley cabin with Cody's parents to chop firewood for the Winter. I love this tradition - it gives us an excuse to spend some time at the cabin, what could be better than that?

The canyon is so pretty right now...

We got there on Thursday night and had some tasty lasagna for dinner. The Jolley lasagna? Best on this planet as far as I'm concerned. Always so delish! Cody's nieces were there so they played with the boys while the parents got to catch up and watch a movie.

The next morning we had a yummy breakfast and headed up past Daniel's Summit to find a choice chopping ground.

We settled on a great spot and Cody and Gary got right to work cutting down a giNORmous tree. I jest not - the tree was massive.

While Gary was dealing with the big tree, Cody started on a smaller one. Kathy and I made sure the kids were out of the way, our job is to pick up the logs that after they're cut and roll them down the hill.

The kids decided to don some orange and go for a hike...

At one point we needed to move our cars, so Kathy backed up Gary's truck and I jumped in our car. I was driving off the side of the road pretty slow, the sun was directly in my eyes and I thought, "If I could just move to the right six inches, I would be in the shade and then I could actually see where I'm going..." so that's what I did.

And this is what happened.

As soon as I turned my wheel I felt the car just DROP forward. I was still kind of in the sun so I couldn't really see what was happening. I felt the back end lift up and the car started to tilt to the side...and I thought the car was going to roll.

I froze.

The car rocked back and forth a bit until it settled. Well, sort of settled...it was still teetering. I reached my hand out the window and I saw Kathy running down the road. She was laughing so I knew it couldn't be as bad as it felt. I was still shaking though, don't you worry. Cody and Gary ran down and Cody (being Mr. Incredible) actually lifted up the front end of the car so Gary could put a rock under the tire that wasn't touching the ground. They hooked up my car to Gary's truck and pulled me out. I was finally able to get out and see just what I drove into.

A 5 ft. hole. No big deal.

Everyone was very understanding and kept reassuring me ("the sun was in your eyes, there was no way you could have seen that"), but I felt like a moron. Fortunately the rest of the day was a bit less exciting. We got the truck loaded and called it a day. Check out all that wood! I have no idea how Cody and Gary got it all to fit, they are the tetris masters.

We got home and I had to get right into the shower to get ready for the show. That night our performance was...rough. There were a few missed cues and one scene where EVERYONE forgot their lines. I tried desperately to keep the scene moving, I dropped hints and ad-libbed for 5 minutes. Nothing. Finally after an eternity they found their place and we moved on...but geez.

It had been a long day and I was SO ready for the day to be over.

Then I got pulled over on my way home.


Shaunee said...

Ewww, scary with the car! Luckily nothing was damaged. Sounds like such a fun family tradition. Beautiful time of the year to do stuff like that!

Tayva said...

The show was GREAT that night and so were you! If you can do that good of a job on a day like that??! What a pro! XOXO

kateastrophe said...

Um, I'm still sorry but I'm still laughing a lot. You're my fav.

Lucrecia said...

That darn sun! It gets me in trouble all of the time! And chopping wood? That's so Ultra Masculine. It's downright butch! I love it :) And didn't you know Jules that getting a speeding ticket is the best way to end your day? No? Now you do.

Bringing Lady Back said...

Oh, Jewels. I love you so.