It's upon us, friends! Halloween is this week and naturally I have way too much going on. The weather has finally turned Fallish with rain and wind, I'm sort of loving it!

My play closes tonight, which is more bitter than sweet. I have LOVED doing this show, and have I mentioned that it's really, REALLY good? One of my best, I'd say. We had some rough spots at the beginning, but it's turned into a stellar production. I'm not ready for it to end, such great people. (Not to mention my costumes? Oh. my. word. So fantastic.)

This week is filled with craziness and back to back plans. I'm in charge of the PGFD Halloween Party (me and my big mouth), so I have loads of shopping and planning to do for that. What should Cody and I be this year? We also have to make a music video for the party...we'll see how that goes. Wednesday night we're having a spooky dinner with friends that I'm really looking forward to! Friday Cache has his costume parade and Halloween party at school...man, remember costume parades? He and Cole are going to be the Night Fury from 'How to Train Your Dragon'. I have an idea for their costumes...I hope it works! Saturday we'll take the kids trick or treating and that night I'm hoping to see a friend's production of 'Dracula'. My sister and her kids are coming into town and we're having a big party and dinner on Halloween night! I'm so excited...it's a full week, but a good and spooky one.
To get you ready for the Holiday, here are some spooky tunes you should add to your Halloween playlist (you have one, right?):

"What's a Girl To Do?" - Bat for Lashes. This song is so spooky and haunted sounding...perfect!
"Bali Ha'l" - Tak Shindo. I know, I know. It's doesn't seem like it would be a scary song, but trust me...this one is good for Halloween.
"Carnival of Souls" - Combustible Edison.
"Harry Potter/Hedwig's Theme" - The Scary Gang. A great cover...
"Discombobulate" - Hans Zimmer. From 'Sherlock Holmes'...actually, most of the songs off that album would be great!

Hope you're all ready for Halloween!

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Bringing Lady Back said...

It was a FABULOUS show, dahling! You were marvelous!

And yes. The costumes. So very... Very.

I am ever so grateful I was able to spend so much time with you on a weekend when I really had no time. Love you love you!

And. I can't wait to see pictures of Toothless the dragon! We watched that show on the drive from H-E double. David and Nora loved it.