GREAT news, friends! Santa has arrived early this year and we are getting our wood floors sanded, stained and sealed on Dec. 6th!!! It should only take a few days, but do you know what that means? I'll tell you - it means we can put in our other cabinets! We can install our sink, stove and dishwasher! We can install our countertops and most importantly? I can make Christmas dinner!! It's a Christmas miracle, I'm SO excited! The floors are a major boost, a huge turning point. I mean, once they are done we can just race towards the finish line.

In the few weeks before the floors get done, we have to finish everything else so that the rest of the remodel goes smoothly. We need to paint our new baseboards, paint the ceiling, paint the living room and entryway. A project I'm super excited about is my buffet. A few months ago I blogged about a buffet I found on ksl.com. Look familiar?
She was a good sport, this little piece. I had plans to paint it and make it look snappy, but for some reason I wasn't over the moon about. Part of that could be that Cody and I got in a little fight the day we went to pick it up, so it held a small, gloomy memory. Our fights are always so stupid. Not to mention it wasn't in the best of shape, I wasn't crazy about the design on the doors (although I'm pretty sure I said I was crazy about them...). Anyway, after holding on to it for some weeks, I finally decided to sell it and hopefully find something else. Something better. This little gem was in Highland, was less than the first buffet and ten times the awesome! Check it out!!
I know, she looks a little rough. It's being stored in the wood shop and is covered in saw dust.
The doors and drawers are most simple than the first one, but it's way more solid.
All the details, the scroll work on the bottom, I love the fat round feet. The woman we bought it from bought the buffet back in Boston years ago and while she was sad to see it go, they were moving and didn't have a place for it in their new home. I instantly fell in love with it and we loaded it up. It wasn't until we got it home that I noticed the label on the back.
I can't read most of it, but the date reads August 18, 1937. I did some research and read up on the Hanover Cabinet Company. There are a few people who have posted online and inquired about their value, but the only response I found was that they weren't that high in price.

It's in great shape, but the finish is pretty bad. I want to paint it. Am I crazy?? I hear differing opinions - some say that it will lose all it's value if I paint it, others say it might gain value if it's painted, some say I should just refinish the wood, etc. What color am I thinking of, you ask?

Totally Teal.
Yeah. I don't care, I love it. I had wanted teal originally, but then opted for a rich, dark purple. However, just a few days ago I changed my mind back. Teal it is. I might give it a lacquer finish so it's super glossy and durable, but rest assured that I won't be touching the original label on the back. I'm also keeping all the hardware and leaving the insides of the drawers and cabinets untouched.

Another find? This darling little desk. $50. Thank you ksl!

It looks teal in the picture but it's more of a dark, forest green (pass). I'm going to paint it a glossy black and put it in the family room. Can't wait to see it all done!

I will be posting a Kitchen update, soon - but now I have to find some paintbrushes.


kateastrophe said...

This seems to be a day full of jealous hatred of your awesomeness. LOVE the buffet, LOVE the desk. Love you, duh.

Andrea said...

Ten times the awesome is right! I'm Team Teal and tired of typing T's.