Holiday Rush

Cache said this to me the other day...

"Mom, how will Santa find us if our living room isn't done?"

"Oh, honey - Santa will still find us."

"Does he know everything?"


"Even more than you?"

"Yes, even more than me."

"So...even though we don't have a living room...Santa will still find us for Christmas?"

"Yes, honey. I promise. Santa will find us."

My heart totally broke. Then and there I swore to get our house finished for Christmas. I don't know that it will be done done, but my goodness we have to try. I was ok not really decorating for Halloween, but my kids are expecting Christmas - they deserve a festive house. Cody and I sat down and talked about what we need to do to get the house ready (or ready enough) and finished. The past few nights we've stayed up late trying to finish the wood floors. We've used all the old wood we can and only have a small patch left to fill in. We've bought some paint and finished drywall. The progress is small, but it's progress.

It's hard, I will admit. Not being able to decorate. Everyone is talking about listening to Bing Crosby and taking out all their holiday decor and baking cookies. We still have dust everywhere and power tools littering the floor. But I remain optimistic. Even if I can't bake any cookies this year, I will still do all that I can to make this house festive and Christmas-y for my boys. We have a lot of work to do, so wish us luck!


Bringing Lady Back said...

I believe in you!

It'll be marvelous. As marvelous as you. xo

kateastrophe said...

You are the kind of woman who could make Christmas look good on a cardboard box, and I mean that. I totally believe that you guys can get your remodel done but even if things just don't come together, you will make it the coolest construction Christmas ever and the boys will totally dig it.

And I don't mean to say "if you don't" like I don't believe you will...I just know how amazing you are at making it work!!

Jen said...

I have a feeling that your boys will have a wonderful Christmas, no matter what!

Good luck with the remodel! I literally can not wait to see it!