Oh, to be thankful.

Thanksgiving warms my soul. I love that Holiday - cooking and eating all day? I don't see how anyone can lose. Not to mention leading UP to said Holiday is always filled with visits and lunches and naps.

I should probably touch on the fact that last week there was talk of a blizzard that would shut down the state. I jest not - people were stocking up on groceries and supplies like it was our last night on Earth. Universities shut down, stores closed early, flights were cancelled, news anchors warned us to stay indoors, the storm is coming!! I must admit, it was a bit exciting. Cody brought in some extra fire wood and we checked the sky every two minutes hoping to see the blizzard start. Around 7:30pm it got super windy and started to snow sideways. "Here we go!" I thought. About 30 minutes later, the storm of the century was over (which I think is sort of an unfair title...we're only 10 years in, how do we know? Shouldn't that be awarded in about 95 years?). We hardly got any snow, a wee skiff. The next morning the skies were clear and blue and the sun melted the skiff. Yep. Big storm.

Wednesday afternoon I was able to lunch with Rhonda (luckily her flight wasn't cancelled due to that pesky blizzard of blizzards) at Los Hermanos, our favorite place. We only had an hour or so, but it's always great to see her when she comes into town!

Thanksgiving! Cody was working that day, so I took the boys down to my parents where Marty and Jess joined us for lunch. My Mom had everything set so lovely, look at our table!
The pretty pink goblets belonged to my Grandmother.
My wonderful, incredible, awesome, beautiful parents.
It wasn't as hectic as some Thanksgivings, we got everything cooked in time and didn't burn anything. The food was SO totally delicious, my Mother's turkey is second to none. My Dad and Marty weren't eating for 10 minutes before they had to be excused for a nap. I'm not even kidding - they cleared off their plates and barely made it to a bed before going unconscious. The kids played all afternoon and we talked and lazed about. That evening I went to the station for dessert with Cody and his crew and their wives. It was SO fun. A wonderful Thanksgiving.

I was super excited for Friday because I was lunching with my dear friend, Spencer. I haven't seen him in YEARS and when I found out he would be here for the Holiday, we quickly planned a lunch. It was so good to see him! We caught up and chatted for hours, I love him. I didn't take a single picture because I'm lame, but you get the idea...

"The Scarlet Pimpernel" was playing at the Hale in Orem, were you able to see it? My dearest Tanya was in it and I had every intention on going to see her...but EVERY single performance was sold out. It was crazy! They were adding shows like crazy and still tickets were impossible. My friend Celine and I got standby tickets for Saturday morning at 11:00 and we were so hopeful...only to be denied. We went to the box office and pleaded our case, but it looked grim. It was closing day, did I mention? This was our only shot. Celine's son Gabriel was with us and he wanted to see the show so badly, he was pretty heartbroken. The women in the office took pity and allowed us to take some seats where the ticket holders hadn't shown up. WIN! We only missed two songs and the seats were so great. I am so glad I got to see it! And seeing it with Celine was so fun, we both share a weakness for 17th century men (who doesn't?). It was marvy and the costumes were to die for...

Percy was so fabulous...
Tanya! Isn't she gorgeous?

Oh friends, how I love theater. I thought I would take a break after my last show but I find myself wanting to audition for a Spring production. Oh, man.

The Christmas season has started, but I am still waxing thankful. I'm so thankful for my amazing husband who I love so very much, my darling boys who are my world, wonderful friends, my parents and inlaws, my brothers and sisters, the Gospel, our home...I am flooded with blessings. Hope your Thanksgiving was the berries!


Kim said...

I'm TOTALLY jealous! You are so lucky to have gotten to see the show! I saw it at the West Valley location last year and thought I had had entered theater heaven. I could see that show a dozen more times. So glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

kateastrophe said...

I'm thankful for you. And your fun posts. And that you write with parenthesis like me for aside comments.

I would like you to live at my house, yes?

Jessica said...

It was a fun thanksgiving! So relaxing! I hope you do another play... you are so good! We love to see you!