What I'm Loving Wednesday

What am I loving? Too many fashion wants...

Yes - we are back to shallow, worldly wants for this installment of WILW. But I ask you, is anything better than Fall fashion? Layering, boots, sweater, scarves...love it all. Then there's the gloriousness of a 'holiday' line. Like we all need something sparkly and shiny to wear to the myriad of holiday parties we attend, right? I get sucked into that every time.

This mustard coat is so super cute...the ruffles? The seams? And that high neck? Me wanty.

I don't know what it is about these boots that makes me covet them so. The two-tone leather, perhaps? Or the faux laces? What is it!? Who cares, they have my heart.
Ok, and on to the Holiday wants. I was thinking how great it would be to have a Christmas dress. Like 4 year-old's have. Yes, a special dress you wear to Church on Christmas. And....oh my this just fits the bill.
With a matching shrug?? It's reversible, did I mention? So if I'm not feeling the black velvet side, I can flip it over to reveal a lovely green satin side that matches the dress. Win.

Oooh, friends. I have been digging booties lately. I also love gold. And glitter. And ruffles. I have no idea where I would wear these, but with some opaque tights I'm pretty sure I would wear them everywhere. Man...so lovely.

Something a bit more practical (perhaps), these metallic flats. SO cute with skinny jeans! And I love that mauvy/gray color.
So there you have it! Some fashion wants that my closet would love to have. Sigh...I must find a way to make them mine.


Bringing Lady Back said...
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Bringing Lady Back said...

Are you kidding me that you just found all those on modcloth {am I right?} and I was JUST browsing that site tonight dying over every single one of those items {and then some}???

Oh I so love you.

p.s. The deleted comment above was mine, because I was awesome and wrote out the above post in an enormous one-word form because it's hilarious and you would laugh but then it posted and it cut off right around "moclo". Yeah. pppbbbth. Meh. Moarp.

Kim said...

Jules, you absolutely crack me up! I LOVE your taste in fashion-I am just happy to find something dressy in my closet from past years and maybe a good sweater find here and there during the season. But I too LOVE to dress for fall and winter. There just aren't enough fun places to go to wear them all. Oh yea, maybe on Dec 2!! See you then!

kateastrophe said...

You may have been the first person to ever convince me that booties are awesome. THOSE? Are FANTASTIC.

Also, that dress?? STOPIT.

Jen said...

Everyone of your desired items are gorgeous! I covet your style - such class!