Holiday Bustle

How is it that it's only the 4th of December and I'm feeling so pressed to have all my Christmas things done? I am feeling so behind! Our house still needs lights put up, we got our tree yesterday but it still needs to be decorated, I haven't bought a SINGLE Christmas gift and my house is currently littered in boxes and bags full of decorations that need to be set out. I mean, at this point why even decorate at all, right? The month is pretty much over.

As I mentioned, we do have our Christmas tree. We buy a live tree from this guy who turns his front yard into a tree lot every year. Cody' s family bought their trees there every Christmas, so we're just carrying on the tradition! And this year? We got a flocked tree!! I must admit, I was never a huge fan of the flocking - but I think the first year we were married Cody talked me into it. I loved it! It was so 50's Christmas-y and looked so great all decorated. When my tree is done, I'll post pictures - I'm so excited!

As far as lights on our house go...well, I need Cody to do that. Poor guy has been sick all weekend (we've ALL been sick...some nasty cold thing. I didn't get it as bad as my kids or Cody, but we're all a bit sniffy and coughy) so I think we'll be able to get them up this weekend. Why the push? Well see, we live in a neighborhood filled with Griswald's. I swear, half of the power in this City is being used to light these homes. Take a gander -

And that's just a sampling! Sorry about the blurriness - I think Cody and I need to take another trek around the neighborhood and snap more pictures. There are quite a few homes that look like that. Ours won't be that bright. I mean, we're not trying to make our house look like the noon-day sun, or anything. But it will look very festive and I can't wait until the lights are up!!

Well, I would so love to sit here and post all day, but alas - Christmas errands await. I have a plethora of places to go to and I'm not sure I'll survive. Wish me luck on my Merry errands!


Kateastrophe said...

Oh my gosh you DO live in Griswald land!

Never fear, I have nothing done either. Stupid fast moving December.

Adam Harward said...

I expect nothing less than a Griswold Family Christmas. Code get out the stapler I want to see some lights. I would prefer if they would dance and twinkle to the sounds of Amy Grant if possible.