Jolley Holidays!

Did you have a nice Christmas?  Ours was great!  It's always a little crazy with both of our families living close by - we have lots of visiting to do, but somehow we make it work each year.  I talked a little before about spending Christmas Eve with Cody's family.  Here are some photos of that night - 

The village Cody's parents set up each year.  Impressive, no?
The after-dinner gift exchange and mingle

When we got home and put the kids in bed, we began getting Christmas ready.  Cody and I realized what Christmas is like for parents - crazy!  We stayed up until the wee hours (4:00 am) putting things together, setting things up, wrapping presents.  This year was a big year because Cache got a big boy bed, so Cody was setting that up while I was putting together his Big Wheel.  Let me tell you...those big wheels are surly! 

I don't know what took me more time - actually putting the thing together, or meticulously placing the stickers.  Turns out I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to that stuff.  After we got their stockings filled, I looked in to see Cache's new bed...and started to cry.  I turned to look at Cody and said, "He's a little boy now..."  I'm emotional at Christmas anyway, but I'm sure the fact that it was nearly dawn didn't help matters.

Cache slept with us that night, so Christmas morning we took him to see his new bed and he was so excited!  Well, as excited as a 2 year old can be.  We told him that the new bed came from Santa and that Santa also left some toys for him downstairs.  He was thrilled with his new toys and would play with one for 25 seconds, then move to another one, then another.  After Cache had sufficient goods to keep him busy, Cody and I started on our gifts.  We spoiled each other, which is always fun. AND GUESS WHAT!!?!?!  I won the stocking contest!  Oh yeah, I rule.  How did I win, you ask?  It was a close call, I will admit.  Cody is the master when it comes to filling a Christmas stocking, but this year I gave him something that could not be matched - a ring with our sons' names engraved on the outside, along with some space for more babies names in the future.  When he opened the box, he was quiet as his eyes got misty.  We hugged for a long time and each had tears to wipe away.

After we composed ourselves, we went up to my parents house to open presents there with my family.  It was so much fun!  Cody got the compressor he wanted and I got a custom belt buckle with my name engraved on the front and embellished with sapphires (my birthstone)!  I don't have a pic readily available, but I will post one soon.  

Half of the fun of opening presents at my parents house is admiring the wrapping job - these pics are just a sampling of the creativity.  All of us take great care in making each present look unique!  Aren't they great?  This is why it takes us so long to wrap giftys...

Later that night we built Gingerbread Houses with my family.  Dude...most of you know that my family is super creative, so you can imagine what this little craft was like.  There was actual sanding and drilling, some of the most amazing houses were created - I couldn't believe it!  Only my family, I swear.  There are far too many pictures to post, but I promise that I will devote anentire post to the genius houses.  

It was such an amazing Christmas!  It will be hard to top next year.  Being surrounded by family was by far the best part of the whole day.  There are so many things to be thankful for, we all are so blessed.  Too many things to name, but what a wonderful thing to be surrounded by love and kindness.  Priceless.  I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas!


Heather-Rita said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I just love this time of year...but I'm so sad that it is almost time to take down the decorations!

Mark said...

I love your family. Thanks for posting the blog with pics. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

Kateastrophe said...

I would love to be a fly on the wall during the Patch Family contest! I'm glad you had such a Merry Christmas!