Oh the Magic...

There is such a sparkle in the air on Christmas Eve!  I must say I enjoyed myself today.  This morning I was able to pick up some last minute gifts with my sister and my Mom - I always have so much fun with them, they are my favorites.  We braved the busy stores and endured a few holiday tunes by The Carpenters, but it was great and we survived!  Once I got home, I wrapped some giftys and started to make some little smokies for the annual Jolley Christmas Dinner tonight.  We ate a D. Licious dinner (with some traditional red punch...aka Fruit Punch Kool-Aid.  It's my favorite!!) and hung out with the fam.  I look forward to that dinner every year - it's so comfortable and laid back.  The food is always so good and I absolutely love Cody's family.  We left with full bellies and a full car of pressies.  

As the evening winds down, we still have lots to do!  Cody and I are watching 'A Christmas Story' and we're still wrapping presents and getting things ready for tomorrow.  This is the first year that I have NO idea what is waiting under the tree for me - and I love it!  Being surprised is the best part of Christmas.  Although this season has been crazy, I am a bit sad that it will all be over tomorrow.  I think I will mostly miss the feeling of the season - it's unlike anything else. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing man in my life who is my best friend in every way.  Two little boys who are beautiful and I just adore them.  A warm home, wonderful families that we live close to and incredible people we have as friends.  

I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!  Much love to you and yours, 

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The Bastian's said...

That old 1950s Santa is my favorite. Thanks for the note on my blog, I think its a great New Years resolution. I am so glad we found each other!! Merry Christmas!