Jingle! Jingle! Time to Mingle!

Goodness, Christmas is almost here!  This month has flown by, I almost can't get in all my Christmas frivolity.  So many songs to listen to, so many cookies to bake, so many gifts yet to wrap.  I apologize for my blogging absent-ness.  This week has been super crazy (however, no 'code 3' calls since Monday...blast), but I finally feel like I have my feet under me once again and am all geared up for the weekend. 

One reason that I have been away from blogging is because we got a new computer!  Merry Christmas to us!!  Each year Cody and I get a family gift and this year we opted for a new comp.  

My, she is sassy - we've been wanting an iMac for ages and I'm so stoked to learn how to use everything.  Exercise patience while I try to master all this baby has to offer... 

Festive news - my sister and her family are coming to town for Christmas!!  I'm so excited to see them and spend Christmas with them, Cache will love to play with his cousins. The whole Patch family will be together this year - sweet!  I'm sure the day will be filled with much merriment...until we begin the Gingerbread House Contest.  The gloves are coming off!  Who will win all the Gingerbread Glory and who will be stuck with their Ginger Ghetto shack? Stay tuned!

I must dash - I need to get the kids ready to go see Cody at the Fire Station for a little Holiday Party with his crew.  Tonight?  I'm hoping to go to dinner with Hannah and Kate (who just got to town today!!) - nothing like an evening with the girls.  After dinner I think we will come back here and eat cookie dough and wrap presents.  Seriously, there will be dough.  And lots of it.  Anyone want to join us?  Better bring your stretchy pants!


Auntie Ann said...

Merry Christmas! We need to get together when we get back!

Adam Harward said...

I'm very jealous of that new computer. I have had one of those beauties on my mind for a little while as well. Merry Christmas Jolleys we'll call you when we get back in town.

The Bastian's said...

Merry Christmas girl! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!