Snow and such...

Just as I sat down to post this afternoon, I looked outside and it's snowing!! So fantastic, I'm loving this weather. It's like living in a snow globe. Here are some snowy pictures I took last weekend during (and after) a big storm we had.

Perfect weather conditions for a Merry Christmas, indeed!

This post is going to be a long one, so buckle up BC fans. Today the Jolley family went to the Dentist and Cache was a total champion! He especially loved the cinnamon floss..a little too much, it would seem. Some of you may know that I've been having problems with my jaw for a few years. I have TMJ and the pain from that comes and goes, but recently is has really been bothering me. It's difficult to eat and it aches almost all the time. The Dr. told me a few things I can try to help ease the inflamation and hopefully that will help! We'll see how it goes.

My Visiting Teachers were over this afternoon and they noticed my little organization method that helps me decorate each year. They suggested that I blog about it and hey, I was up to the challenge of passing along some Holiday tippage. I have TONS of garlands in my house right now - on the banister, railings, on top of the cabinets, etc. So I labeled each garland to help me remember where it goes and it have been a life saver! Also, label your strings of lights...

Also, I attach each garland with a green pipe cleaner and it works like a charm.
Another thing I do each year is right after the Holidays, I take pictures of my house all decorated so I can remember where I put things for the next year.

And finally (is this post long enough?), I have finished a plethora of onesies and here they are in all their glory. I still need to iron them and make the tags for them, but what do you think?

These were made for a store...
Glamour Girl

Pink Ruffle

Yellow Blossoms

Tree Boy
These are for Rhonda who's friend just had triplets!! 2 boys and a girl...

I'm off to spend the evening with Cody (who is home for the first time in 3 days!) and maybe work on getting our Christmas village up. I'll post pictures of my festive home when it's all said and done!


The Bakers said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaah the SHARK ONE! And the RUFFLES! And the treee...oh how I love the tree ones. You are amazing...truly rilly.

Kelly said...

Julia!!! I. Have. Missed. Your. Blog. Your onesies are ADORABLE!!! And the pink tree? I want one!!!! Like now. Happy Christmas!!!!

Kateastrophe said...

Um, hello talented! Those onsies are AMAZING! Look at you rocking the sewing machine!

AND, your holiday tips are fantastic. I'm definitely labeling my garland this year!

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

I LOVE the onesies. I can't wait to give them. I'm with Hannah. Well not with. hannah.

I wish I was with Hannah....anyway- you are amazing!!!

Can't wait to see you!

Heather-Rita said...

Everything looks so great! I love the onesies! Also, I really hope your jaw gets feeling better!

And I'm laughing at the Will Ferrell video on that comment from kelly...more cowbell!

Sara said...

Your onesies are so stinkin' cute, and your house looks great, so far, plus! I'm so jealous of your fantastic snow! I can't wait to go see it!

sue-donym said...

I love the onesies. Almost enough to want to have a baby. almost.

I'm glad you posted your mad skillz. I love the idea of taking a photo. I always forget where I put everything and end up just stuffing things in places.

That was a great visit yesterday!

Adam Harward said...

Jewels.....these are cool!