Will you come into my Parlor?

The famous first words of "The Spider and the Fly" by Mary Howitt.  I grew up with that poem and now it's a children's book!  My copy arrived yesterday and I cannot WAIT to read it with Cache!  Perfect little tale for Halloween, no?  If you haven't heard of it (tsk tsk) you MUST get it, it's fantastic.

Things have been so crazy the past week!  The show has been great - our show on Monday night was sold out!!  I love the people that I'm doing the show with, they are so much fun.  While I'm excited to get my weekends back, I will be sad when the show closes.  We only have one more weekend, so come and see!

Last week was my leetle Nephew's Birthday!  Jess put together a great Halloween party for him - costumes and all.  There was a big turn out and how brilliant are Jess and Marty's costumes?  Frederick, Inga and The Monster from Young Frankenstein (you have seen it, right?).  Don't they look great?  Marty's wig was too perfect.  It totally got me SO excited about our party and Halloween!  Happy Birthday Grammies!

Yesterday we took the boys up to Gardner Village with Sam and Lindsay and their little girls.  It was so much fun!  It was super windy and very cold, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  The husbands were troopers as Lindsay and I went in the little shops to look around - I love that place at Halloween!  Cache and Brinley were inseparable all afternoon - they're like bats from the same cave, those two.

I took SO many pictures of Cole walking around - I can't get over how cute he is when he walks!  It looks like he's stomping...such purpose in every step.
The kids were laughing so hard while they were throwing some leaves into the pond...not sure how the ducks felt about it, but whatevs.
Cole frequently bailed on the family to go out on his own, so Cody had to chase after him more than once.

This picture looks fun, right?  Calm, children having fun in the Fall Sun...not two minutes after this picture was taken, little Brinley had enough of looking at the water and simply. jumped. in.  The water went up to her waist!  She was a good sport considering that it was FREEZING outside.  We decided to call it a day and went to Cabella's so the men could look at...well...all the manly goodness that Cabella's has to offer.  Brinley got brand new (dry) clothes and the kids loved looking at the animals and feeding the fish.  Thanks Sam and Linds!  

T-minus 7 days until our Halloween Party.  What?  Cody and I don't even know what our costumes are going to be.  AHHH!  Horrifying!  We'll work on it, I swear.  Does everyone know what they are going to dress up as?   Only a short time before Halloween!!


Shaunee said...

Cute pictures! Don't you just love Gardner's Village? Have you been to Witch-A-Palooza? It's a must. Happy Halloween!

Jen said...

Can you believe that I have lived in Utah for 13 years and have never been to Gardner Village? What's wrong with me?!?!?!?

Such cute pictures!